Hola, amigos! Are you eager to expand your Spanish vocabulary and master the elusive “nine”? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will simplify the Spanish translation of nine for you. Whether you’re a student exploring a new language or a traveler navigating the vibrant streets of Spain, this guide will equip you with the confidence to use “nine” in a variety of contexts.

In Spanish, “nine” can be translated as “nueve.” Pronounced as “nway-vay,” the word “nueve” is used in numerous scenarios. From counting to expressing quantities or time, this guide will delve into all the essential aspects of using “nine” in Spanish, empowering you to communicate effectively in any situation.


Counting to Nine

Kick-off your Spanish counting journey by learning the numbers up to nine:

  • One – Uno
  • Two – Dos
  • Three – Tres
  • Four – Cuatro
  • Five – Cinco
  • Six – Seis
  • Seven – Siete
  • Eight – Ocho
  • Nine – Nueve

Expressing Quantities

When describing quantities in Spanish, “nueve” comes into play:

  • There are nine apples in the basket. – Hay nueve manzanas en la cesta.
  • I need nine eggs for this recipe. – Necesito nueve huevos para esta receta.

Time Expressions

Navigating time in Spanish involves using “nueve” effectively:

  • It’s nine o’clock in the morning. – Son las nueve de la mañana.
  • The movie starts at nine at night. – La película empieza a las nueve de la noche.

Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal numbers indicate position or order. “Nine” in Spanish transforms into “noveno”:

  • The ninth student in line. – El noveno estudiante en la fila.
  • My house is on the ninth floor. – Mi casa está en el noveno piso.


Expressing fractions in Spanish incorporates “nueve”:

  • Three ninths of the pizza is left. – Quedan tres novenos de la pizza.
  • The cake is cut into nine equal pieces. – El pastel está cortado en nueve trozos iguales.


When dealing with percentages, “nueve” translates into “nueve por ciento”:

  • The discount is nine percent. – El descuento es del nueve por ciento.
  • Only nine percent of people have visited this place. – Solo el nueve por ciento de las personas han visitado este lugar.


Expressing measurements in Spanish often involves “nueve”:

  • The box is nine inches long. – La caja tiene nueve pulgadas de largo.
  • The water temperature is nine degrees Celsius. – La temperatura del agua es de nueve grados Celsius.


When dealing with money in Spanish, “nueve” represents the number of units:

  • I have nine dollars in my wallet. – Tengo nueve dólares en mi billetera.
  • The meal costs nine euros. – La comida cuesta nueve euros.


In Spanish, “nueve” appears in the expression for September:

  • My birthday is on the ninth of September. – Mi cumpleaños es el nueve de septiembre.
  • The meeting is scheduled for September ninth. – La reunión está programada para el nueve de septiembre.


¡Felicitaciones! You have now mastered the versatile use of “nine” in Spanish. From counting to expressing time, quantities, and more, “nueve” now holds no secrets for you. Embrace the confidence that comes with this newfound knowledge, and ¡adelante! Venture into Spanish conversations, ask for nueve tacos, or plan a trip for the ninth of March with ease. ¡Viva el español!



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