Triangle swimming pools have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their unique shape and modern aesthetic. Unlike traditional rectangular pools, triangle pools can add a touch of interest and intrigue to your backyard while providing the same level of functionality and enjoyment.

These pools are particularly well-suited for smaller backyards or oddly shaped spaces. Their compact design allows them to fit into tight corners or areas with limited width. Additionally, the triangular shape can create a more dynamic and visually appealing focal point in your outdoor space.

In terms of practicality, triangle swimming pools offer several advantages. The slanted sides can facilitate easier entry and exit from the pool, making them a good choice for families with small children. Furthermore, the sloped design can help to create a shallower end that is ideal for kids to splash around in while providing a deeper end for adults to swim or dive.

Choosing the Right Triangle Swimming Pool for Your Needs

Size and Shape

Triangle swimming pools come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different backyard spaces and preferences. Smaller triangle pools are suitable for smaller backyards or as a secondary pool, while larger pools can provide ample space for swimming, diving, and playing.

The shape of the triangle can also vary. Some pools have a symmetrical triangle shape, while others have an asymmetrical design. The choice of shape depends on your personal taste and the layout of your backyard.

Materials and Finishes

Triangle swimming pools can be made from a variety of materials, including fiberglass, vinyl liner, and concrete. Fiberglass pools are durable and easy to maintain, while vinyl liner pools are a more budget-friendly option. Concrete pools offer the most customization options and can be designed to match the style of your home and backyard.

The finish of the pool can also be customized. Some popular finishes include pebble, tile, and quartz. The choice of finish will affect the look and feel of the pool and can also influence the cost.

Features and Accessories

Triangle swimming pools can be equipped with a variety of features and accessories to enhance their functionality and enjoyment. These include steps and ladders for easy access, diving boards for added fun, and underwater lighting for nighttime swimming.

Additional accessories, such as pool covers, heaters, and chemical feeders, can also be added to improve the comfort and safety of your pool.

Installing and Maintaining Your Triangle Swimming Pool


Installing a triangle swimming pool typically requires professional assistance. The process involves excavating the area, leveling the ground, and installing the pool shell. The type of pool and the size of the excavation will determine the installation time and cost.

It is important to hire a qualified pool installer who has experience with triangle pools to ensure a proper and safe installation.


Triangle swimming pools require regular maintenance to keep them clean and safe for swimming. This includes skimming the surface of the pool to remove debris, vacuuming the bottom of the pool, and testing and balancing the water chemistry.

Regular maintenance can help to prevent algae growth, cloudy water, and other water quality issues. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for pool maintenance.


Triangle swimming pools offer a unique and modern alternative to traditional rectangular pools. They can add a touch of style and interest to your backyard while providing the same level of functionality and enjoyment. By carefully considering the size, shape, materials, and features of your triangle pool, you can create a custom oasis that meets your needs and enhances your outdoor living space.



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