The Basics of “Same” in French

The French language has several words and phrases that can be used to express the concept of “same,” depending on the context and grammatical structure. The most common way to say “same” in French is “même.” This word is typically used as an adjective or pronoun to indicate that something is identical to something else. For example, “C’est le même livre” means “This is the same book.

Another common way to say “same” in French is “pareil.” This word is often used in comparisons to indicate that two things are similar or equal. For example, “Il a le même âge que moi” means “He is the same age as me.” Additionally, the phrase “de même” can be used to mean “in the same way” or “similarly.”

Finally, the French language has a number of other words and phrases that can be used to convey the concept of “same.” These include “identique,” “semblable,” and “analogue.” Each of these words has its own specific нюансы and is used in different contexts.

Same in French Grammar

The translation of “same” into French can vary depending on the part of speech. Here are the different grammatical functions of “same” and their French equivalents:


When used as an adjective, “same” typically means “identical” or “similar.” The French equivalent of “same” as an adjective is “même.”

  • Example: La même chanson (The same song)


As a pronoun, “same” is used to refer to something that has already been mentioned. The French equivalent of “same” as a pronoun is “le même” (masculine) or “la même” (feminine).

  • Example: C’est le même que j’ai vu hier. (It’s the same one I saw yesterday.)


The adverb form of “same” is “également” or “aussi.”

  • Example: Il parle français aussi bien que moi. (He speaks French just as well as I do.)

Expressions with “Same” in French

Here are some common expressions that use the word “same” in French:

De la même façon

  • Meaning: In the same way
  • Example: Je fais de la même façon que toi. (I do it the same way as you.)

De la même manière

  • Meaning: In the same manner
  • Example: Il s’habille de la même manière que son frère. (He dresses in the same manner as his brother.)

À la même heure

  • Meaning: At the same time
  • Example: Nous arrivons à la même heure. (We arrive at the same time.)

Au même endroit

  • Meaning: In the same place
  • Example: On se retrouve au même endroit. (We meet in the same place.)

Dans le même cas

  • Meaning: In the same case
  • Example: Nous sommes dans le même cas. (We are in the same case.)

Sur le même sujet

  • Meaning: On the same subject
  • Example: On parle sur le même sujet. (We talk about the same subject.)

Synonyms for “Same” in French

Here are some synonyms for “same” in French:

  • Identique
  • Pareil
  • Semblable
  • Analogue
  • Équivalent
  • Similaire



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