If you’re tackling a crossword puzzle and encounter the clue “ascribe,” don’t despair. This article will provide you with the necessary insights to uncover the answer and continue your solving journey.

Ascribing refers to the act of attributing an action, feeling, or characteristic to a particular person or thing. It implies that the specified attribute originates from or is associated with the subject in question.

Crossword puzzles frequently use “ascribe” as a clue, challenging solvers to identify the word or phrase that fits this meaning. To solve this type of clue, it’s essential to analyze the context and consider possible synonyms or related concepts.

Unveiling the Meanings of Ascribe

1. Attribute or Impute

Ascribing something means assigning it to a particular source or cause. For example, if a painting is attributed to a renowned artist, it suggests that the artist created or is responsible for the artwork.

Similarly, ascribing a belief to a person implies that they hold that particular belief or view.

2. Recognize or Acknowledge

Ascribing can also refer to acknowledging or recognizing something. For instance, if a discovery is ascribed to a scientist, it means that the scientist is credited with making that discovery.

This usage of ascribing highlights the act of giving due recognition or assigning importance to something.

3. Include or Assign

In some contexts, ascribing involves including or assigning something to a category or group. For example, if a task is ascribed to a specific department, it indicates that the task is the responsibility of that department.

This usage emphasizes the allocation of responsibilities or the placement of something within a defined category.

Synonyms and Related Concepts

Enhancing your vocabulary can aid in solving “ascribe” crossword clues. Consider these synonyms and related concepts:

  • Attribute
  • Impute
  • Assign
  • Credit
  • Recognize
  • Acknowledge
  • Include
  • Categorize

Examples in Crossword Puzzles

Here are examples of how the “ascribe” crossword clue can appear in puzzles:

  • Attribute to (5 letters)
  • Put down to (6 letters)
  • Say belongs to (7 letters)
  • Give credit to (8 letters)
  • Recognize as the source of (9 letters)

Common Answers for Ascribe Crossword Clue

Based on the meanings and synonyms discussed, common answers for the “ascribe” crossword clue include:


Tips for Solving Ascribe Crossword Clues

Follow these tips to increase your chances of solving “ascribe” crossword clues:

  • Consider the context of the clue.
  • Think of synonyms for “ascribe” and related concepts.
  • Analyze the length of the answer based on the number of squares provided.
  • Look for words that fit the meaning of attributing or assigning.


Solving crossword puzzles requires a combination of knowledge, strategy, and a bit of lateral thinking. By understanding the different meanings and usage of “ascribe,” you’ll be well-equipped to tackle this clue and emerge victorious in your crossword solving endeavors.

Remember, ascribing something involves attributing it to a source, acknowledging its existence, or assigning it to a category. Keep these meanings in mind, and you’ll soon be a crossword puzzle pro!



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